About MWM

This blog was inspired by Tuesdays with Dorie, which I play along with as a lurker. 😉 Not only do I love the whole concept of TWD, but I had been really wanting to make some goodies out of my Moosewood Cookbooks.

“But why Moosewood?”

2 reasons…

I went to college in Ithaca, New York and LOVED LOVED LOVED eating at the Moosewood Restaurant… there is just nothing more charming or delish!

The other reason is because one of my sons eats very little meat, this wise little 7 year old says, “EEEWE, people eat ANIMALS?!?!?!?!?” So i’m always on the hunt for recipes that are meatless, but full of protein. You really can’t beat the Moosewood cookbooks for phenomenal vegetarian dishes!

So thank you Laurie for sparking the idea, I’m looking forward to the baking therapy! You’re welcome to join along anytime!



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